Payments Process

An Assignment of Payment form must be completed by the locum physician and faxed to 1.877.387.4757 to the attention of Locums for Rural BC or scan and email to

For RGPLP and office-based assignments under the RGPALP and RSLP programs, locum physicians must assign payment for fee-for-service billings to the host physician for the term of the assignment.

Claims must be submitted using the host physician payment number and the locum physician practitioner number.

For hospital-based/on-call locum assignments, under the RGPALP and RSLP programs the locum must apply for an additional MSP payment number and bill fee-for-service claims under that payment number for the duration of the assignment.

Host physicians are expected to submit claims within two weeks of the end of the locum assignment and refuse claims within two weeks of the refusal date.

Host physicians will pay the locum directly for those services not covered by MSP, e.g. private, Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC), WorkSafeBC, reciprocal billings, etc. Payment should be made prior to the locum leaving the assignment, less the 40% overhead deduction.

Locum physicians will normally assume the host physicians' on-call responsibilities and will receive reimbursement from the health authority for the on-call availability (MOCAP) services provided during the assignment.

Host physicians must provide locum physicians with a detailed reconciliation of claims submitted when requested. Payment to the locum physician is made by Locums for Rural BC.

MSP Payments

Locums for Rural BC will pay locum physicians the guaranteed minimum daily for provision of direct services based on the RSA community designation, paid semi-monthly. 

Locums for Rural BC will also pay the locum a travel honorarium consistent with each program.

MSP will recover 60% of the locum's fee-for-service claims for the respective program.

In cases where 60% of the paid MSP claims are greater than the daily rate (averaged over the length of the assignment) a rate top-up will be calculated and paid on a quarterly basis.

Host physicians receive 40% of paid MSP claims, paid on a semi-monthly basis to cover overhead. Where the locum is solely providing on-call services in an acute care facility for emergency care as per MOCAP policy and health authority requirements, the host will not receive 40% of paid MSP claims for overhead.

Note: Host physicians cannot bill MSP while locum physicians are providing services on their behalf.