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RGPLP - General Practitioner needed for Sparwood Primary Health Care

Role and Facility Information

Very flexible assignment over christmas near a ski resort (Fernie Alpine Resort)

I am assigned to work Saturday December 25 and I'm fishing for a locum

This could either be a 3 day weekend assignment starting friday night, all day Xmas day and all day Boxing Day.

Or this could be a 5 day assignment including Xmas day anywhere between Dec 21 and Dec 28

You could work days consecutively or work 5 days over the 2 weeks of Xmas with plans to ski Fernie on the days you aren't working (with accomodations here in Sparwood for that time)

Let me know if you are interested!


Eligible for Enhanced Skills Stipend

Coverage Information

Coverage Dates - Flexible

Dec 21 2021 to Dec 25 2021
Regular Scheduled Office Hours
As needed /desired. Clinic days could be Dec 21,22,23,24
Yes Yes
On-Call Date(s) / Hours
December 24/25 +/- depending on

About the Clinic

Clinic Description

Clinic Composition

4.0 FTE physicians, 1 nurse practitioner, 1 primary care RN plus emerg nurse, home care nursing, public health nursing. Onsite community Respiratory Therapist during the week who has ICU experience managing a ventilator and intubating patients.

Local Resources

Lab, X-ray, mental health RN and psychologists, Physiotherapy both outpatient and exercise physio program, dietician

Emergency Framework

ER dep is open 0800-1900. 2 nurses. Hamilton ventilator, glidescope, portable ultrasound, level 1 emergency dep. Ambulances occasionally. We are a 55 min heli ride from Calgary, 90 min from Cranbrook that has CT, MRI, ultrasound surgeons, ICU, etc

Call Expectations

Call is 1 in 5 evenings from 1600-1900 and weekends 0800-1900. There is a doctors phone that theoretically might ring after 1900 but rarely does

CME Schedule

Elk Valley hospital 25 minutes away does grand rounds by Zoom

Visiting Specialist/Consultant Information

Gastroenterologist, GP surgeon and visiting specialists (neurology, ENT, ob-gyne, general surgery) in Fernie 25 minutes away. On site dietician and it’s easy to walk down the hall to talk to home care nurses if you have a patient who is struggling

EMR Information

EMR System

Profile in clinic. Meditech, ehealth viewer, pharmanet, PACS in emerg.

What training is provided for the EMR System

Onsite training in Profile provided.

Level of Support/Care and Policy

Welcoming Procedures

We have an introduction booklet. You can pick up keys to the locum apartment across the street from the emergency department nurse.


The host physician will usually provide a tour on Fridays to weekend locums. All of the physicians are friendly here and happy to ask questions!!

Social Involvement

We usually try to secure a pass at the local recreation centre. We are happy to take our locums skiing or biking if they want a tour locally!!

Clinic Policy

Provided upon arrival.

Accommodation and Transportation

The clinic does provide accommodation.

Accommodation Description

Locum apartment across the street from the health centre. Sometimes a house from Teck Corp is available. If the apartment isn’t available, there are hotels in Fernie ,campground across from the health centre, a motel, and one hotel in Sparwood.

Most Convenient Mode of Transportation

Flight to Cranbrook or Calgary, car rental through rural locum program

Closest Amenities

Grocery Store

Save-on-foods in Sparwood. Fernie- Independent grocer, farmers market on Fri eve in Sparwood, farmers market in Fernie on Sun morn in the summer. Craft distillery/brewery in Fernie. We recommend against checking these out when you are on call.

Community Centre

There is a recreation centre locally with swimming pool, racquet courts, skating arena, full gym.

Other Closest Amenities

Restaurants: Arowanna’s has the best Chinese food. Subway, A+W and Tim Horton’s. Fernie: Indian, Sushi, South American, Vietnamese. Royal Bank and CIBC, Fernie has CIBC, Scotiabank and TD. Both have credit unions, libraries and post offices.