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RSLP Payments

Assignment of Payment

The locum physician agrees to assign payment for office-based services to the host physician's payment number for services provided while on assignment. The host physician is responsible for submitting the claims to MSP within two weeks after the end of the locum assignment. 

For hospital-based/on-call locum assignments, the locum physician must apply for an additional MSP payment number and bill fee-for-service claims under that payment number for the duration of the assignment.

An Assignment of Payment is a legal agreement through which a practitioner designates that MSP payments for his/her services are to be made to another practitioner or group such as a clinic or hospital.

Note: Assignment of Payment must be submitted to the Locums for Rural BC office prior to the commencement of the locum assignment. 

Assignment of Payment (PDF)

Application for Payment of Daily Rate

RSLP locum physicians are remunerated $1,500 per 24 hours.

Submitted weekly or at the conclusion of the assignment. Under the minimum 2 day component of the program, the Medical Services Plan of BC (MSP) will pay the locum physician the guaranteed minimum daily for the provision of direct services for each day on assignment, paid semi-monthly. 

The host physician must reimburse the locum for services not covered by MSP (e.g. private, ICBC, WorkSafeBC, and reciprocal billings) less the 40% recovered for overhead, and ensure that the locum receives the on-call payment and retention premium, if applicable. 

RSLP Application for Payment of Travel Time Honorarium and Daily Rate (PDF)